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Eat Better

Bring Joy to the Party

Good Things await You.

Due to the long working hour and technological advancement, the demand for food delivery services in Hong Kong is on a rise in recent years. A popular Hong Kong food delivery service company stated that vegan food orders surged 104 percent in 2020. The growth has reflected the increasing preference for healthy food even in take-away.

Reviewing the brand revamp strategy with the market research, Eat Better is on the right track in the battle, but the real competition is product differentiation. Making good use of the unique brand story will be one of the solutions.

A unique brand story differentiates you from competitors. Founder's homesick has inspired her to established Eat Better Kitchen for serving both healthy and traditional homey food for people encountering the same situation with her. The frozen food package is not cold, it actually delivers the warmth of the homey food to consumers.

To enter the market in a new image, Eat Better Kitchen starts the branding revamping journey from something light – the healthy snacks. The finger food comes easier in different points of purchase and reaches the audience widely.
With the consistent and outstanding snack's packaging newly developed, Eat Better successfully uplifted the presentations in an approachable way.

In 2020, Eat Better joined K11 Musea at their Christmas Pop Up and reached an audience as a Christmas gift option. Now, we can find the Eat Better Snacks in different channels, for example, IFC Lane Crawford, Lohas Park, and Eslite Spectrum at Cityplaza.