Fifty Fifty

50% The Cup x 50% The Iron for a 100% Satisfying Experience

The Perfect Combination.

fifty fifty refers to 5050 – The Cup & The Iron, creating a unique experience from a tailored coffee to a creative pastry.

The brand has been separated into 2 concepts – The Iron & The Cup. The Iron focus on creative “Croffle” pastry while The Cup focus on tailor “Coffee” experience .

Taking a sip of 50% Coffee and chew 50% Croffle for a 100% satisfying experience.

The Logo and Key Graphics.
Playing around with the numerals 5050, the logo is composited by a full circle and half-circle arches. They look similar yet different; imperfect yet special and also become the key graphic elements of the brand.

Among those perfect and half circles, they create a special rhythm to make the pattern interesting and fascinating, sharing the vision of fifty fifty: To bring a unique experience to the customers.

50% The Cup – Coffee.

The coffee beans and flavors are specially selected and designed, each cup is prepared and crafted by our professional barista team with passion every time.

50% The Iron – Croffle.

The special team makes fresh Croffle every day, there are different tempting and delicious flavors for you to fill your day.