Green Common – Chinese Candy Box Packaging

A Modern Twist on a Traditional Confectionery Box

Green Tray of Togetherness.

At Chinese New Year, the traditional Chinese candy box stores a variety of sweet goodies. The word “全盒” (all together box) means “harmony”, “completeness” and “togetherness”. By having a variety of foods (e.g. almonds, pistachios, date palms, vegan gold ingots cookies, and vegan lucky cat cookies) in one box, the concept focuses on the idea of being “together”, in this important time of the Chinese calendar.

The Chinese have a strong belief in “spherical heavens and flat earth” (天圓地方), we adopted and created a festive packaging that illustrated contemporary elegance and aesthetics. The snacks inside the box were turned into simple icons and being part of the patterns. Now, you can stock your box with modern and healthy choices and share them with friends and family.