Digital Strategy.

Green Common Online Store

Empowering a Sustainable Plant-based Choices

Plant-based Eatery & Grocery Concept Store.

To enhance the whole brand image of the new platform, we used various graphics to communicate with the users and assist their usage. For example, a graphical illustration has been used for the questionnaire section to walk the user through the personalized section.

A comprehensive set of products’ benefits icons has been designed for ease of communication while enhancing the user experience.

Various useful functions and filters have been taken into consideration for a better user experience. The design of an instant nutrition calculator also helps the website stand out from competitors, for a simple, yet effective way to calculate healthiness.

To create a comprehensive Online to Offline experience, the responsive online store layouts were created to align and integrate with Green Common existing stores.

With the hard work on integration, the E-platform is intercrossing with all grocery shops and restaurants under Green Common. Functions such as online food ordering and delivery, shop and pickup, today’s forum are running smoothly and changing the whole engagement experience of their target consumers.