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RE:ALLY Sales Kit – The Dessert Lab

15 minutes Brand Baking Cookbook

When Design and Dessert Baking Meet.

What comes to your mind when DESIGN meets CAKE BAKING?

BAKING creates different chemistry effects and brings you unexpected results. From “Picking the right ingredients and utensils to present the cake in the right way” to “How to present the cake nicely”, the ultimate goal of BAKING is to share your perfect cake with your beloved one. So as to DESIGN itself.

RE:ALLY initiated this comprehensive brand dessert cookbook – The Dessert Lab for both brand beginners and masters, by following the unique and customized guidelines from preparing, making to selling the hotcakes, we hope to raise the ordinary to extraordinary and to build up the brand.

This cookbook consists of 3 booklets from Brand Building (Book 1: Cake Preparation Stories), Packaging (Book 2: Cake Making) and Experiential Marketing (Book 3: Selling like Hot Cake). You can find RE:ALLY's selected works in different areas.