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Green Monday – Green It Yourself Campaign

Bring Home Healthy Food

Green It Yourself.

GIY Programme is a comprehensive community programme to promote vegetarianism and green living in Hong Kong. A variety of activities and cooking competitions were organized to encourage the public to adopt a vegetarian habit and enhance environmental awareness so that they may “Green It Yourself” at home. When deciding on the key art direction, we focused on a friendly, approachable route with simple and down-to-earth messages, in order to appeal to the wide mass market.

A cooking competition (素造港式真風味烹飪比賽) was organized under the Green it Yourself Campaign. We were appointed to handle the overall creative and art direction for this project, since the theme was about Hong Kong Style Cooking, so we focused on creating a unique representation of Hong Kong and its culinary delights

Several iconic cuisines or dishes were selected to represent Hong Kong, including Dim Sum, Eggette, Wonton noodles. They were all presented in an illustrative style to stand out. The title of the competition was highlighted as a clutter of neon/ traditional signboards, further enhancing the overall mood of Hong Kong style.