Branding & Packaging.

Never Ending

Preserving the moment Never Ending, Ever Changing.

Enjoy Every Moment as It Comes

“Never Ending” (Ne) comes from the idea of living in the present, and focusing on the importance of “Now”. Life is short and time is precious, taking the brand value in mind that we should never stop exploring and enjoy every moment as it comes.

This contemporary and chill brand is created by the local hipsters in town, they are passionate about developing products that could provide peace and relaxation experience to everyone, and keep motivated to deliver the best products in this stressful city.

Debuting the first batch of eye-catching and exciting CBD Honey, the brand encourages to be daring to try. By consuming 100% natural and handcrafted honey products in day or night time, customers can stay in the confined space for a while, in which they can be focused, relaxed, safe and enjoy greater peace of mind.

With 2 signature flavours – Flit & Alleviate, the colours are applied according to the features of the products.
Flit (Wild Flower 百花蜜) – For day time use – To move swiftly and lightly
Alleviate (Ivy Tree 鴨腳木) – For night use – To make suffering, deficiency or a problem less severe
Together with the bespoke designs and gradient color lines, illustrating the spirit of “Never Ending” from day to night.